Hi, I am Hamsa,

Welcome to my school of thought where I believe in continuous self-discovery and growth through clarifying, connecting & co-creating.

I believe that for our goals to be manifested and for us to co-create interdependently and inspire others, we need to be in synergy with the universe. We need to first clarify who we are by identifying what elevates us and what limits us.

And through practice and having a daily ritual we connect to our true selves.

May the courses in my school empower you to be the fullest expression of yourself. May they guide and enlighten you towards living your optimal life.


Why should you take this course?

Simply because it will lead you to...

A solid foundation that brings you Balance!

Awareness of your 7 positive & negatives elements!

More peace and clarity of mind!

Answers to why were you struggling in the past!

Connect to your truth!

Less inner conflict and better decision-making!

Goals being in full synergy and alignment with your true self!

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